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10 Considerate and Helpful Gifts for Moms Who Live Alone

Mom’s spend their lives worrying about us, no matter how old we are! But as they get a little older we start to worry about her, especially if she’s living alone. We’ve scoured the internet for the most thoughtful and helpful gifts to show her that you’re thinking about her.

Checking in with the people we love is vital no matter the situation. But if the last year has shown us anything, it’s that making sure the mental health of the people we love is doing okay. A great way to show Mom that you care is one of these thoughtful gifts!

Are you a little stuck trying to find the perfect gift for your independent Mom, something practical but well thought out? Well, look no further, just read below for some of our best gift ideas that are both useful and considerate. If you missed our last post, you can check it outhere! Otherwise, keep on reading for our best Mother’s Day ideas below!


1. A 3D Engraved Family Photo

    Distance and other restrictions often stop us from being able to visit our family as much as we’d like. Help to combat some of that feeling with one of our stunning laser engraved crystals, complete with Mom’s favorite family photo. Here at we carefully create each of our engraved crystal pictures with the latest in laser technology, to ensure the best quality 3D pictures that Mom will treasure for ever. Take a look at our unique crystal shapes here! (

    2. A Security Camera Doorbell

    It’s completely natural for us to worry about our Moms, especially if they live alone. A thoughtful gift that will give both you and her extra peace of mind is one of these high-tech doorbellswith built in security cameras!

    3D Laser Gifts Video Doorbell


    3. Heavy Duty Measuring Cups

    Cooking for one may be easier than feeding an entire family, but even single-serving meals require some time and effort. If you’re on the hunt for something thoughtful your mom would appreciate, cooking tools make excellent practical gifts for anyone living independently. Discover some of the best measuring cups on the market in  this article.

    Is Mom used to cooking for a small army? Adjusting to cooking for one can be challenging, but you can make it a little easier for her with a set of heavy duty and long lasting measuring cups.

    3D Laser Gifts Measuring Cups


    4. A Mini Portable Dishwasher

      Solo living generally means less dirty dishes piling up. Sounds like a dream come true, right? The problem is when they pile up for too long and things start to go bad. Check out thesemini countertop dishwashers ( for a great solution and an incredibly thoughtful gift!

      3D Laser Gifts Portable Dishwasher

      5. Eco-Friendly Comfortable Loungewear

        So much of the joy of living alone comes from not having to worry about what people think of your outfit each day! Thesesustainable loungewear options ( are the perfect gift to show Mom you’re thinking about her comfort!

        3D Laser Gifts Loungewear

        6. Elegant Margarita Glasses to Make Happy Hour Even Happier

        After years of worrying if the little ones will knock over the best glassware, Mom finally having her space back means she can once again enjoy a margarita in peace, in elegant glassware! Have a look at thesecute margarita glasses ( that will help Mom relax in style.

        3D Laser Gifts Margarita Glass

        7. A Germ-Destroying Laundry Disinfectant 

          With everything going on in the world right now, many people are worried about their loved-ones health more than usual. If Mom is living independently, you can help alleviate a little of that worry with this practical present of germ-killing cleaning products. (

          3D Laser Gifts Laundry

          8. A Spa-Like Experience in a Robe

            Mom spent years looking after you, and now it’s time for her to relax! Make that relaxation time decadent with one of theseindulgent luxury bathrobes (, perfect for the Mom who is ready to put her feet up after years of caring for others!

            3D Laser Gifts Bath Robe

            9. A Watering Can for Her Plant Babies

              Her babies may have flown the nest, but that doesn’t mean she won’t find more!Caring for plants is a rewarding hobby and can help beautify any home. Take the elegance up a level with these surprisinglybeautiful watering cans (! Not just a practical gift, this present ticks multiple boxes.

              3D Laser Gifts Watering Can


              10. A Comfy Pair of Sneakers for Everyday Use

                For Moms that relish their independence, staying active is a huge component. Whether she’s mall walking or just going to the grocery store,these sneakers ( are both fashionable and comfortable. Perfect for the independent Mom on the go!

                3D Laser Gifts Sneakers

                Thank you for reading our blog post on the 10 best & most practical gift for the independent Mom! To check out the full range of our lux 3D engraved crystal pictures,check here ( ! Check in soon for another gift idea packed blog post!

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