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10 Useful Yet Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Has someone close to you just moved into a new home? Whether they’re a first time buyer or have downsized or even upsized, we want to get them the perfect housewarming gift! Traversing the waters of housewarming gifts isn’t always easy though, as we don’t want to buy them something impractical or something they already have!

If you’ve spoken with your friends and they have let you know what would make an ideal gift for them, then great! But if you haven’t, or want to surprise them with something, we’ve found 12 of the most useful gift ideas that would be perfect for a housewarming gift!

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A Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

hand washing soap dispenser clean hygiene covid

In this day and age, people are more and more away of keeping their hands clean wherever they go. Most of us have hand sanitizer in our car, bag or on our office desk, but what about when we get home? A hands-free soap dispenser is perfect for a new home gift and you can find some streamlined models that will look great in any kitchen or bathroom!


A Set of Super Soft Eco-Friendly Bedsheets

bed sheets woman smiling sleep bamboo

Who doesn’t love collapsing into bed after a long day and being encased in luxuriously soft sheets! Bamboo fabric is not only soft and comfortable, but it also has a cooling affect for that perfect nights sleep. It’s also less environmentally damaging than other traditional fabrics! Great for a housewarming gift after the stress of packing and unpacking all those boxes!


A Compact Composter

compost bin composter kitchen recycle ecological eco friendly

Continuing the eco-friendly theme, a compact composter makes a fantastic housewarming gift for anyone wanting to be kinder to our planet. You can get chic designs that sit on the kitchen counter, ready for any food scraps without sacrificing a clean aesthetic!


Coat Hangers Fit For Any Closet

woman closet clothes hanger coat

Coat hangers? Really? Well, yes, actually. Your friend may have boxes and boxes of assorted plastic coat hangers from Ikea, Walmart and Target but nothing quite pulls a closet together like a set of quality hangers. There are so many styles to choose from you can pick out hangers that perfectly suit their taste.. and their suits!


A Carefully Crafted 3D Crystal Keepsake

3d laser cut crystal picture photograph portrait family glass

Here at not only are our stunningly crafted 3D crystal photos amazing, but they also come in the perfect gift box! Surprise your giftee with one of their favorite pictures beautifully recreated in the best quality glass crystal available! You can choose from a selection of shapes and sizes, and even add a light up base for an extra pop of color and more wow factor! This isn’t the kind of gift people forget!


A Whimsical Welcome Mat

welcome home mat feet home housewarming

You can get all kinds of welcome mats for the front, back or side door these days! From something colorful and bright to something witty, there really is something out there for everyone! My favorites include “Free Britney” and “Did You Call First?” What an absolutely perfect gift for welcoming someone into their new home!


A Beautiful Birdhouse for the Garden

bird birdhouse garden flowers outdoors

When shopping for housewarming gifts, our minds automatically go to things for people to use inside the house. Let’s welcome not only the new home owners but also all the local birds with a lovely birdhouse. You can get them in practically any style and size so you’re sure to find the perfect one! The birds will thank you!


A Personalized Crystal Wine Stopper

3d laser cut engraved etched glass crystal portrait picture photograph

It’s fairly common practice to turn up to a dinner invitation with a nice bottle of wine for the hosts. With this housewarming gift, you can take that one step further and create a present they will always treasure. Our 3D crystal wine stoppers come in 2 shapes (circle and rectangle) so all you have to do is choose what picture you would like to adorn your stunning 3D portrait, choose the shape and let us do the rest! A simple but incredibly thoughtful housewarming gift! And I won’t tell if you decide to keep the wine after all.


A Cuddly Cozy Throw Blanket

blanket throw cat cute cuddle warm cuddly happy

September is peeking its head around the corner and sadly that means summer is almost over. However this does make way for cozy fall evenings and winter afternoons in front of the fire. What better way to spend time relaxing in a new home than with a beautiful plush throw blanket, especially when it was a very welcoming housewarming present!


A Beautifully Scented Reed Diffuser

reed diffuser scent candle scented home house smell

It can take a while to get used to being in a new home. Things don’t feel the same straight away and unfamiliar house layouts may lead us to the spare room rather than the bathroom in the middle of the night! Help them ease into their new living space with a stunningly scented reed diffuser. Safer than candles, these diffusers soak up essential oils and surround the air with a gorgeous scent to help your friends settle in quickly. We recommend lavender to help with sleep, wild orange to lift the mood or lemongrass to invigorate the senses!

Thank you for reading our latest blog exploring 10 wonderful ideas that make great housewarming gifts! We hope you found some great inspiration here, but if you’re still looking for something else, we thoroughly recommend that you check out our previous blog posts! As always, here at we are here to answer any and all questions you may have about our expertly crafted 3D creations! Until next time folks!

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