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12 Delightful Gifts to Honor a New Dad For His First Father’s Day

A new baby brings joy to all those around them, and all of the first milestones are magical. One of these milestones that often gets overlooked is the new Dad’s first Father’s Day. At a loss for what to buy to celebrate this special day? Well, we’ve scoured the web for some of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts that will help Dad feel as cherished as his newborn.

They say that children grow up too fast, and many people know just how fast that first year can fly by. It’s a magical time for everyone involved, and the new Mom often gets showered with gifts from the get go, and poor Dad can often be left out. Father’s Day gives us the perfect excuse to show Dad he’s not been forgotten, and that we’re really thankful for everything he does!

Keep reading this post for our top buys and all the greatest gift ideas to help celebrate Dad on his first Father’s Day. If you haven’t checked out our previous blog post, check it out here - it’s also packed with great ideas for all of your gift giving needs! All done? Great! Keep on reading for amazing gift ideas to give a new Dad a Happy Father’s Day!


A 3D Engraved Photo Crystal

    3D Laser Gifts Father's Day Custom 3D Crystal


    The first year of our children lives flies by so quickly, it’s nice to have a permanent reminder of how small they once were. Using the latest in cutting edge technology and teamed with the highest quality crystal available on the market, here at we can help commemorate that special first year and create a gift Dad will treasure forever.

    All you have to do is choose a shape and which picture you’d like to immortalize in crystal! Not sure which picture would look best? Our experts are available to help you choose and make your shopping experience as simple as possible! Check out the  full range here!


    A Coffee Maker Alarm Clock Duo

      3D Laser Gifts Blog Coffee Maker Alarm Clock Duo


      We know how rewarding bringing a child into this world is, but it can also be an exhausting experience. With  these alarm clocks, you can help Dad keep his schedule and give him a helping hand for those early mornings. There’s even one that has a built in coffee maker, perfect for a new Dad that needs coffee more than ever!


      A Diaper Bag That’s Actually Stylish

        3D Laser Gifts Stylish Diaper Bag


        All parents know that along with a baby, there is a lot of gear needed when leaving the house. Leave the flowery diaper bags for Mom, with these cool diaper bags. Dad can show off not only his beloved newborn and is sure to be a hit at the park!


        Healthy Sheets for Healthy Sleep

          3D Laser Gifts Comfortable Bedsheets


          Sleep is something that often goes out of the window when you have a baby at home! Help the new Dad in your life get to sleep easier with these breathable and comfortable bedsheets. It’s the self-care gift that just keeps on giving.


          A Pull Along Trailer For His Bicycle

            3D Laser Gifts Pull Along Child Trailer


            For the new Dad that loves to bike everywhere, check out these child-safe bicycle trailers! It’s never too early to start children with healthy hobbies, and Dad can get out and stay fit while making sure baby is safe and secure while getting fresh air (and giving Mom a break!)


            A Facial Hair Styler for Easy Maintenance

              3D Laser Gifts Beard Trimmers


              With this practical gift, you can save Dad time in the barber’s chair and make sure he can spend as much of his free time with baby as possible! Check out some of the top-rated beard trimmers and facial stylers in this article.


              A Practical Pacificer Sanitizer

                3D Laser Gifts Pacifier


                Just because Baby doesn’t care that their binky was dropped on the dirty floor doesn’t mean that Dad shouldn’t! This is a practical and thoughtful gift the help new Dad’s stay on top of keeping Baby safe with a portable sterilizerto keep everything clean on the go.


                New Shirts for a New Dad

                  3D Laser Gifts Men Shirts


                  It’s a well known fact that being a parent can get pretty messy. Baby spit up and food stains can quickly take over. Show the new Dad in your life that you’re thinking of him with these comfortable but classic men’s shirts, he’s sure to appreciate not having to do laundry as often!


                  A High-Tech Camera Attachment for Taking Perfect Baby Pictures

                    3D Laser Gifts Camera Accessories


                    Documenting everything Baby does is an absolute must! You just never know when they’re going to do something for the first time or just do something really cute! These  high-quality camera lens attachments help first time Dad’s take amazing pictures of their little one, without the need for fancy cameras or photographers!


                    An Electric Kettle for Quick Tea Breaks

                      3D Laser Gifts Electric Kettle


                      We all know how coffee can help keep a new parent going, but tea can also pack a great caffeine punch and help them throughout the day. With these electric kettles, first time Dad’s can quickly make a cup without having to leave baby for too long. They’re also great for quickly boiling water for pasta, veggies and even baby formula!


                      A Personalized Photo Wine Stopper

                        3D Laser Gifts Bottle Stoppers


                        The perfect gift to help toast a new birth, these custom crystal wine stoppers can be adorned with a perfect picture of his newborn! They’re great for helping Dad save the rest of the bottle, and he’s sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this unique custom gift. We have 3 different shapes available, so just pick the one you think he’ll like the most!


                        A Couch-Friendly Laptop Desk

                          3D Laser Gifts Portable Laptop Desk


                          Being a new parent is a full time job, but that doesn’t mean that Dad can afford to stop the day job! With these portable laptop desks, he can comfortably work from home, a great gift to help him multitask!

                          As always, here at, we’re here to answer any and all questions you may have about our products! Check out our shop for our full range of etched crystal photos! Happy Father’s Day!

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