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7 Fabulous Ideas For Perfect Bridal Shower Presents!

Did someone you know just get engaged? Did you get an invite to her bridal shower? While it’s always fun to be invited to a shower, it’s easy to worry about what to bring as a gift! It can be especially hard if you don’t know the bride-to-be all that well. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with 12 amazing ideas that any budding bride is sure to be thrilled with!

Wedding planning can be such a fun but also stressful time! It’s one of the reasons we think a bridal shower is so important as it can give the bride-to-be a much needed break from the stress of planning her perfect day! No matter how well you know the bride, it’s always nice to come prepared with a fun and exciting gift! Is gift buying not your forte? Never fear! Just keep reading and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bridal shower gift!

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1. A Chic Cocktail Mixing Kit

cocktail mixer mixing drinks chic bar pub drinking social happy hour

What better excuse than a bridal shower (or wedding!) for cracking the cocktails out? You can pick up great cocktail sets that contain all the tools you need for perfecting cocktails at home! There are so many styles out there you can pick on that suits the bride-to-be perfectly! We recommend adding a printed recipe for a signature cocktail.. you can change the name to match the newlyweds last name! So cute!

2. Engagement Photos Stunningly Crafted in a 3D Crystal

3d laser engraved glass crystal picture portrait photo gift beautiful family unique bridal shower engagement photos wedding gift idea

Engagement photos just get more and more stunning and experimental year after year! Did your couple have some stunning pictures taken? With one of our 3D picture crystals, you can create a perfectly etched portrait of the happy couple in beautiful glass crystal. We create crystal clear pictures in top of the line crystal! It’s as simple as choosing a shape, size and photo! We do all the rest for you! You can even take the customisation one step further by adding a light up base! Even our boxes are so carefully created that you won’t need to even gift wrap them! A thoughtful keepsake that will be treasured for years to come! 

Not quite sure how the process works? You can reach out to our team and they will happily guide you through the process! They can even suggest what kind of picture would be best for the ideal 3D crystal portrait!

3. A Stress Reducing Slow Cooker

slow cooker cooking family meal prep gift idea housewarming wedding shower bridal present home family life

With all the issues that arise while planning a wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to give the bride-to-be something to make her life just a little bit easier? A slow cooker is great for creating low hassle meals that she can put on in the morning and then it’s ready when everyone gets home in the evening. Perfect for the bride that is short on time!

4. A Top Rated Set of Hair Care Items

FoxyBae 4 pack heat protectant leave in condition sea salt spray don't hate hydrate mask set

This amazing set of 4 hair care products from FoxyBae is the perfect way to help the bride-to-be ensure that she has a great hair day on her big day! It includes a heat protectant to help keep her hair in tip top condition, a leave in conditioner to make her locks smooth and frizz free, a sea salt texturizing spray for that perfect volume and a glorious replenishing hair mask jam packed with the most nourishing ingredients to make her mane shine on her big day! They all smell amazing too!

5. A Classic Cake Cutting Set

cake cutter birthday cake wedding cake

Want to buy the happy couple a gift they can use for years to come as well as at their wedding? With a beautiful cake cutting set you can give them something practical and stylish! There are sets out there that can fit any budget or style and it can be used at the wedding and for many happy years to come! And who doesn’t love an excuse to eat more cake?

6. A Beautiful Cake Stand

cake stand wedding celebration birthday christening bridal shower party

Sticking to our theme of cake (a topic I’d be happy to discuss endlessly, I don’t know about you!) a cake stand is the perfect bridal shower gift. Not only can the beautiful bride use it at the shower, but she can also use it for the wedding and beyond! You can get cake stands that go from vintage to ultra modern to find the one that’s perfect for the lucky lady!

7. A Heart-Shaped Engraved Crystal Ornament

beautiful 3d laser cut crystal glass engraved picture portrait photo engagement

A beautiful way to turn a treasured photo in a treasured keepsake! With our heart-shaped crystal ornaments you can give the bride her favorite photo in an exciting format! Here at we use a subsurface laser to create millions of tiny inclusions inside the crystal at different depths to create the perfect present. Using the latest in cutting edge laser technology allows us to produce a perfect replica of the picture you have chosen, and it’s bound to become a treasured gift!

Our items even come in a stunning presentation box that is lovely enough to not have to wrap! How’s that for a bonus?


Thank you for reading our post on 7 fabulous gifts for any bridal shower! We really hope we’ve given you some great ideas! If you’re looking for even more ideas for all kinds of occasions, please check out our other posts here! As always we’re here for all your 3D Crystal questions! Until next time folks!

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