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Free Shipping Nationwide!

Free Shipping Nationwide!

Shipping Protection

Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection applies to the online purchase of merchandise in the event the merchandise is lost or damaged while in transit or “porch pirated” (“porch pirated” means that the carrier reports the status as “delivered” but the parcel has been stolen from the delivery address). Your election to add Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection to your purchase is entirely optional. The cost to customers for Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection varies depending on the value of your order.

Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection charges include insurance premiums and administrative fees. Beyond Memories ® reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change pricing at any time. Any charges for Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection will appear in the customer’s shopping cart at checkout on our website. Customers that have paid for Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection can file claims for packages that have been lost or damaged in transit or “porch pirated” as well warranty related damage by contacting customer support here.

If a purchase has been lost or stolen in transit, Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection entitles you to one replacement shipment. All replacement shipments will require a signature to guarantee their safe delivery. In the event that a Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection replacement is also stolen in transit, then a police report for the stolen shipment must be filed before Beyond Memories ® can take any further action. 

Do I need to purchase my product from Beyond Memories® to qualify for Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection?

Yes, both your product and the Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection need to be purchased from Beyond Memories® online store. 

Can I still buy Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection after I've purchased my product?

Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection must be chosen at the time of purchase and cannot be added on afterwards.

When does my Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection coverage start?

Coverage under your plan begins on the start date of your purchase. There is no waiting period.

What is covered under my Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection?

Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection extends the manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 year and covers against lost or damaged shipments. This coverage Includes repairs due to normal wear and tear, defects in materials or workmanship and failures due to dust, internal heat and humidity. We also cover equipment failure due to a power surge or fluctuation.

What if I've purchased Beyond Memories ® Shipping Protection and my product fails during the manufacturer's warranty period?

The Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection provides you with benefits that supplement the original manufacturer's warranty. If your product is replaced by the manufacturer, your replacement device will continue to be covered by the Plan, but you must contact us to obtain an RMA number and provide any necessary information requested so that we can properly handle your claim. 

How do I make a claim?

Claims under Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection can be made by contacting customer service online.

If my product is replaced, will I get a new or refurbished product?

Any replacement device provided by your Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection will be new and an identical replacement to the original item you ordered. To prevent fraud, Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection does not allow lost or stolen packages to be replaced or exchanged for anything other than the original items ordered. In the event that the item is discontinued, at our discretion, we will offer you a free upgrade to the newer model.

Can I renew my Beyond Memories ® Shipping Protection?

Beyond Memories® Shipping Protection is not renewable. Please contact customer support with any questions.

Can someone else receive service under my Plan?

Any person that you gift or sell the covered product to can receive service under the Plan. We may ask questions and take steps to verify that the person seeking service is in lawful possession of the product and whether the serial number of the device matches our records.

How do I transfer Beyond Memories ® Shipping Protection to someone else?

If ownership of the product has changed and/or the responsibility for the Plan has changed, we will, without charge, update our records to reflect the transfer of ownership and/or responsibility for the Plan. However, a Plan cannot be transferred from one product to another, except for cases in which you receive a replacement product from the manufacturer. For more assistance, contact customer service online.